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The easy way of spending together

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What is wekitt?

 wekitt allows you to create a kitty with your friends, pledge an amount you’re willing to spend and starting using it together using any payment method you like. It’s just like a normal cash kitty but better.

 What makes wekitt better than putting in cash into a kitty?

 wekitt gives full access to the kitty to everyone in the group. We know this can be a problem in some situations, which is why we’ve set up a crowd validate function. You know, just in case things getting a little out-of-hand and someone starts ordering champagne.

Unlike a cash kitty, wekitt also allows you to check-in and out as often as you like – fancy calling it a night before your friends? Or maybe you don’t want to join in the round? Simply check-out of the kitty and check back in when you’re ready. With a wekitt kitty, your share is only spent when you’re checked-in 

What if there’s money left in the kitty?

 You’re not handing your money over to anyone with wekitt (that includes us!). Your money is only spent when an actual transaction is made and input. So if you all chip in for a group present and someone finds it for cheaper, there isn’t a whole load of change to give back to everyone.

Is it really that easy?

 Yes, it is!

 Simply download and install our app (which you’ve probably done by now) and finally register your PayPal details (we’re working on adding other payment options so please bear with us)

 Now you can create a kitty, invite your friends to join and pledge an agreement amount.

 To spend from the kitty, just make sure there’s enough cash for the round, tickets, gas bill etc, pay using any payment method you like and input what you’ve spent into the app. Wekitt does the rest, deducting money from the other group members and refunding you the total minus your share.

When can I use wekitt?

 You can use wekitt anytime you would set up a kitty or collect money from a group.

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