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Wekitt is a simple way for groups of friends to spend money equally.

Whether you're in a flatshare, going on a group holiday, or in a sports team, Wekitt lets you create a digital kitty to buy the things you need.

Simply invite your friends, pledge an amount, and spend using any payment method you like. Wekitt does all the tallying up for you. Everyone is equal.

Say goodbye to awkward moments and losing track of who owes what

Our story

Holidaying, going out, and living with a big group of friends can be loads of fun. But keeping track of who's paid for what can be, well, a bit boring.

Nobody wants to whip out a calculator at the end of a night to tally up who owes what, and even bill-splitting apps can leave you with a nasty surprise.

We wanted to remove the awkward, boring bits of paying for things in groups, but keep all the fun bits.

That's why we've created, Wekitt, an easy way to keep any payment equal, always.

You create a digital kitty with Wekitt, invite your friends, and tell it how much you're up for spending. Next, when you're out and about in your group, you pay as normal, telling Wekitt how much you've spent. It could be a round of drinks. A weekly shop. Accommodation on holiday.

Then equal payments get deducted from everyone in the group. You don't even need to ask. Once you've spent your kitty, you can add more or call it a night. You'll never get a nasty surprise. Easy!

Team Wekitt